If you are a person who is very much conscious about your health and body then you are aware about the use of fruits. Every dietician gives you suggestion of using fruits as your diet because if fruits are in your food as main ingredients then you will always healthy in life. I think you hear about a very famous quote that is “An apple in a day keeps doctor away”. So, if you want to lose lots of calories then you have to start eating fruits. If you want to eat fruits then plant a tree it will also helpful for the nature and you will find good and fresh fruits. You will be amazed to know that eating an apple helps you to burn calories got from a cake, 2 burgers and a pizza. So, if you are not aware about your health then be aware about it from now. So, now the lecture on health and saving the environment is over so I want to get back to my main topic.

I was also not much aware about my health and every day I eat lots of junk food. My whole day passes on eating pizzas and burgers. But after some time, my weight started increasing. My weight increased 20 kg in a span of 6 months. That’s why I was started suffering from some health issues. My doctor consulted me to leave that junk food and decrease the weight. He gave me some medicines and consulted me dieting as a very important thing. After reaching my home I started searching for some dieting tips on the internet. I was searching for an easy recipe. All recipes are using fruits and vegetables as its main ingredients.

All these things are totally boiled and I was fond of eating spicy food. So, I was searching for those dishes. I found a dish named as Fruit Salad in which I can use spices. I started searching for some ideas about good recipe of it and this search took me to a casino website. On that website they are showing game of the same name. Theme of that was also based on the same thing. It appeared interesting for me and helped me in diverting mind from the topic of health. And it was like a heaven for a newbie. After getting all such knowledge I tried some hands on it and had some exotic fun with it. This Fruit Salad help in increasing the bank balance instead of decreasing the calories.