Fortune – this word means a lot to everyone. If your fortune is with you then you can get anything in your life. Many businessmen reached the height of the success because his luck and fortune were with him and some businessmen become bankrupt because his fortune was not with him. A person with no fortune is like a man having nothing. Many persons might tell you that these things are just a coincidence because nothing like these exists in this world. But these persons are not always wrong because you can make your fortune on your own. I was also a person who does not believe in these shitty things fortune and luck. I think that a man is his own fortune maker. But one incident changed my thoughts about it. That incident was happened accidentally. I am a writer who writes movie scripts. I got an opportunity for a new story. But before the origin of the story I started my mind generator for new thoughts. So, for starting this I decided to travel to Atlanta to my cousin’s house. I went there by thinking that I will get some free time and atmosphere which will help me in writing my new story.

I reached there and loved the amazing atmosphere there. One Saturday I and my cousin were having the breakfast together. At the time, we are having tea he got some messages on his phone. He told me that look I play this every day and one day I was able to make some hefty cash. We started debating on it. He told me that why we are fighting on it. Let’s you try it on your own and decide after that. He opened an app on his phone and handed his phone to me. He dictated all the playing rules and regulations. So, I don’t want to have a heated conversation with him I took the mobile and started playing it. When I got mobile in my hand a game of Fortune Cookie was opened on it. I decided that I will play 2-3 chances on it and after that I will change the topic. But when I started playing it appeared very amazing and interesting to me. And then coincidentally I hit the jackpot game. And after winning it I got lots of cash and from that day my belief on fortune started building. And I enjoyed my whole trip with it.